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I write engaging, well-researched blog posts about WordPress and digital marketing.

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Colin is a fantastic writer to work with. The content he's written for me has been extremely high quality, communication has been excellent and turn around times are brilliant. If you get the chance to work with him, take it. You'll be glad you did.

Colin is a great writer to have on board. He keeps his deadlines, is thorough in his writing and he has a pleasant way of communicating. He knows his way around WordPress and is full of great ideas for your blog. I recommend him.

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About Colin, Freelance Writer for Hire

I'm a freelance writer for hire living in Hanoi, Vietnam. I've grown my own blog to over $1 million in gross affiliate sales, ran Facebook ad campaigns with $800 daily spend, and worked at the AdWords-like product of a Vietnamese search engine with over 21 million users. Now, I put those insights into writing engaging content for your blog or website.